SOC 220 Week 3 Assignment, Social Problem Analytic, Human Trafficking


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SOC 220 Week 3 Assignment Social Problem Analytic Framework: Human Trafficking

In this assignment, you will access the “Social Problem Analytic Framework: Human Trafficking” worksheet to assist you in completing the essay.

Use the following analytic framework to construct your essay. Required: a minimum of three scholarly sources to support the analysis. Be sure this is an integrated, fully developed essay (e.g., do not simply provide a response in each category of the analytic framework below). As with all analytic essays, you should have a well-formulated introduction and conclusion.

  1. Problem Statement about Human Trafficking
  2. Vision of Change and Global Clarification
  3. Historical Background and Current Conditions
  4. Possible Directions to Achieve Desired Change
  5. Future prospects: Suggest Strategies to Alleviate the Problem

soc 220 week 3 assignment

soc 220 week 3