SCI 228 Week 2 iLab, 02 Sets


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SCI 228 Week 2 iLab, Sweetener Set 1

While discussing the safety of something like an artificial – sweetener relies heavily on ones definition of “Safety”. I believe that all non-nutritive sweeteners are unsafe. After reading the ingredient glossary depicted above specifically for equal sweeteners, I stand by my original opinion. When consuming artificial sweeteners like Equal we are willingly feeding our bodies with modified forms of a drug, under the knowledge that it’s healthier for us…….

SCI 228 Week 2 iLab, Sweetener Set 2

Staring production in 1950’s, High Fructose corn syrup is ….as sweetener in sodas and other flavored drinks. Later, increasing usage of the sweetener ….increased levels of obesity and other health related problems. According to the Food and Drug Administration, HFCS is …..of 42% fructose and the rest water and glucose. HFCS 42% is ….in food, cereals, baked goods. HFCS 52% is ….in soft drinks.sci 228 week 2 ilab