SCI 228 Discussion Question Week 1 to 8


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SCI 228 Discussion Question Week 1

Please define the following and identify their location along the digestive tract!

Esophageal sphincter

Gastroesophageal sphincter (sometimes referred to as the lower esophageal sphincter)

Pyloric sphincter

Ileo-cecal valve

Why are these important along the route of the digestive tract?

 SCI 228 Week 1 Discussion Question 2

What does food safety and technology have to do with me? What role do carbohydrates play in the diet? What-are the problems of a protein rich diet? What is the Mediterranean Diet and how different is it say from The South Beach Diet or a High Protein Diet? How can we easily include fiber foods in our daily diet? What are some of the differences between some of the white and brown carbohydrates? Is anyone better than the other one?

SCI 228 Discussion Question 1 Week 2

What is define of monosaccharide and give examples of it. Please describe in detail a disaccharide and polysaccharide and provide examples!

SCI 228 Week 2 Discussion Question 2

What is the chemical formula for glucose? What is glucose? Why is glucose important in our body? Where does glucose come from?

SCI 228 Week 3 Discussion Question 1

What role do proteins play in the body?

What is the difference between HDL and LDL cholesterol – high density vs low density?  Is one better for our health?  How do we improve our cholesterol level?

What are the different types of triglycerides and which ones are considered healthier!

What-is the difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes?

What is the difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes?

Type 1 and type 2 diabetes in immune system? Symptoms of it?

SCI 228 Week 3 Discussion Question 2

What is the chemical structure of protein? How does the structure differ from a carbohydrate and lipid?

SCI 228 Week 4 Discussion Question

Why hydration is important?

SCI 228 Week 5 Discussion Question

One reason for our skeleton is to store Calcium – how is this regulated and what percentage of Calcium is stored in our skeletal system?

Am I at risk for developing this disease?  What is this disease and how would I know if I need to go see my physician?  What type of tests would I need to have?  Please be very specific in your response!

What Are the Symptoms of Osteoporosis?

Please do some research and inform us on what would happen to our skeletal system if we had to have an entire session in SPACE!!!  Have fun with this one and feel free to post pictures if you feel inclined to do so. Why do we need it, where do we get it, how much do we need, provide examples of food sources!  What happens if you have too much Zinc, and do you need more or less depending on your age? Why do we need it?

What is the primary reason for Iron in our body?  Anemia is a disease that is linked to low iron – who is most at risk and how is it treated, what may happen if it is not treated? Are there any genetic disorders associated with Iron

SCI 228 Week 6 Discussion Question

What is healthy body weight?

SCI 228 Week 7 Discussion, Nutrition Throughout the Lifecycle

Can Nutrition Influence a Disease ? What are the nutrition problems in the developing world?sci 228 discussion question