RES 861 Module 4 Synthesis and the Research Gap, Discussion


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RES 861 Module 4 AssignmentSynthesis and the Research Gap

RES 861 Module 4:  The literature review of a dissertation is more than a “book report” that summarizes a set of research articles. The literature review is a synthesis of ideas. This synthesis illuminates a gap in the research literature that can be filled by additional research such as a doctoral dissertation. In this assignment, you will synthesize the articles you summarized in the Topic 2 assignment. You will describe how the synthesis of the articles informs a gap in the research that your dissertation study will fill.

Write a paper (1,250-1,500 words) that synthesizes the 10 studies you summarized in the Topic 2 assignment. Do that by including the following in your paper:

  1. A statement of common findings addressed in each of the articles.
  2. Statement of the conclusions that ….when the articles …..together as a single entity. What is the overall message of the group of articles?
  3. A discussion of how these studies, when taken together, inform the research gap that your dissertation will fill.

RES 861 Module 4 Discussion Question 1

To implement a “doable” dissertation study, the doctoral learner must transition from a topic of interest to identifying gap in the extant research. That is, the dissertation problem must emerge as a gap from prior research. Discuss the gap you have identified for your dissertation study and the research that outlines the gap for your study. How is your dissertation topic justified by prior research? Explain.

RES 861 Module 4 Discussion Question 2

The Background of the Problem section in Chapter 2 identifies, based on prior research, the gap or need that informs the topic and problem statement for the research study. Discuss the research gap you have identified for your dissertation study. How does this gap inform the problem statement of the study? How-does the problem statement, in turn, inform the theoretical foundation you select for the study? How do the problem statement and theoretical foundation inform the development of content for the study’s literature review?

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