RES 861 Module 3 Discussion Question 1 and 2 with Answers


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RES 861 Module 3 Discussion Question 1

Some literature reviews read as “book reports” that simply provide a string of summaries of the articles reviewed. How is synthesis different than summarizing? How does developing and employing the skill of synthesis improve the quality of the literature review? Explain.

RES 861 Module 3 Discussion Question 2

Every household has a junk drawer (or some similar place) that serves as the “catch all” for items that have no designated place. Go to your junk drawer and randomly retrieve three items. Write a one-paragraph summary of each item separately. Then write a one-paragraph synthesis that compares and contrasts the three items. Post the three summaries and the single-paragraph synthesis of the summaries. What challenges did you experience in synthesizing the three objects? What questions do you have about synthesis techniques?res 861 module 3