RES 531 Week 6 Assignment 4, Research Questions


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RES 531 Week 6 Assignment 4, Research Questions

As far as the introductory statement is concerned the project can be subjected to several starting phrases. I would start my project with the description stated under:

The purpose of my project is to generate discipline and peace in healthcare sector. I believe in zero defect system, although life and death is bestowed by God, but still human should make efforts to save life of their patients. The major concerns of healthcare sector after saving lives are to preserve the identity and confidentiality of patients, to support, guide, and advice and counsel them at the time of need and to make ethical disciplines a part of organization (Sadra, 2011). These areas were left unnoticed before, but due to the increase in the rate of crimes, organization is now compelled to do something constructive. ………….Continued