PUBH 4200 Week 4 Quiz




PUBH-4200-2,Pub Hlth Pol for Social Change Winter Qtr

Quiz – Week 4

  1. According to Galer-Unti, Tappe, & Lachenmayr, all of the following are reasons that public health educators don’t engage in advocacy except:
  2. Galer-Unti, Tappe, & Lackenmayr discussed all of the following advocacy techniques except:
  3. Which of the following definitions is incorrect (as found in Galer-Unti, Tappe, & Lachenmayr):
  4. According to Freeman, Chapman, & Storey, the tobacco industry did not engage in the debate about Australian legislation banning smoking in cars carrying children. This statement is:
  5. Which of the following statements regarding the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is incorrect:
  6. Dorfman, Sorenson, & Wallack mention a number of principles and guidelines for success in advocacy work. Of the following, all were mentioned by these authors except:
  7. Galer-Unti, Tappe, and Lachenmayr discussed a good, better, best approach to health advocacy work. This statement is:
  8. According to Dorfman, Sorenson, & Wallack, advocacy includes all of the following methods except:
  9. According to the literature referenced in the Atkey et al. article, all of the following are important to cultivating an open space for advocacy groups except:
  10. According to Dorfman and colleagues, public health is about an upstream rather than a downstream approach. This statement is: