PUBH 4200 Week 1 Quiz – Question and Answers




PUBH-4200-2,Pub Hlth Pol for Social Change Winter Qtr

PUBH 4200 Week 1 Quiz

  1. The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development has global goals with specific targets for each government to achieve. This statement is:
  2. Mayes & Armistead cite four factors that make public health prevention hard. Which of the following is not one of the four factors:
  3. Public health advocacy and public health policy are the same. This statement is:
  4. Day defines health as “the absence of disease.” This statement is:
  5. Mayes & Armistead assert that business and political communities have become increasingly awaare of the benefits of prevention and primary care promotion through the use of all of the following except:
  6. There are four strategic directions in the U.S. National Prevention Strategy. Of the following, which is not one of the four:
  7. According to Mayes & Armistead, the key financial benefit for treating chronic disease through prevention is:
  8. According to the U.S. National Prevention Strategy, five causes account for the majority of deaths in the United States. Which of the following is not one of the five causes:
  9. According to Marchildon et al, all of the following statements are true except:
  10. In the article by Mayes & Armistead, the authors state that the current trend of U.S. medical school graduates and the aging population will create additional pressures on primary care. This statement is: