PUBH 4000 Week 6 Quiz with Answers




PUBH-4000-1,Public Hlth Education and Comm

PUBH 4000 Week 6 Quiz (26 out of 26 points)

  1. Which of the following is not stated specifically as a Millennium Development Goal?
  2. Significant factors that impact an individual’s health status do not include:
  3. Which of the following are common mediums for health communication?
  4. has been described as “the perception of individuals or groups that their needs are being satisfied and that they are not being denied opportunities to pursue
  5. Three key elements to a successful community presentation include: the right back¬ground conditions, the right preparation, and:
  6. An example of an “iatrogenic” health education message can be best captured by which of the following phrases?
  7. Having contacts within your community who may provide valuable insight, resources, or contacts is also known as:
  8. To capitalize on the strengths of health education to manage disease, health education specialists will need to .
  9. In a , factors such as housing, education, health and nutrition, and the use of natural resources keep adequate pace with population growth and distribution patterns.
  10. In the health care setting, health education specialists might be involved in .
  11. Which of the following is not a survival skill for effective advocacy?
  12. Worksite health promotion programs have expanded due to all of the following except:
  13. When preparing print materials for low-literacy groups, you should: