PSYC 502 Week 3 Knowledge Review


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PSYC 502 Week 3 Knowledge Review LUO

  1. When talking about errors in terms of psychological testing, we are referring to the fact that:
  2. If we repeatedly administered the same test to the same individual, the standard deviation of the person’s score would be the
  3. If you have three clocks in your house, and every clock is 10 minutes fast, this is an example of
  4. Theoretically, reliability is
  5. When creating a test, one generally uses a subset of items to represent a larger construct. This is known as
  6. Why might different random samples of domain items yield different estimates of the true score?
  7. The standard error of measurement allows us to
  8. Interrater reliability is of concern in
  9. For which of these constructs is it most appropriate to measure test-retest reliability?
  10. Which of the following should be considered when evaluating evidence for validity?
  11. If the results obtained in a validity study are not specific to the validation population, what quality does the validation have?
  12. Which of the following is true of the relationship between reliability and validity?
  13. Concurrent and predictive validity are both subcategories
  14. Asking patients where their injured back hurts illustrates ____ validity.
  15. If scores on a test of intelligence are influenced by eye color, this is an example of
  16. A test that has a high correlation with some well-accepted outcome measure provides evidence for
  17. Which of the following would be a cause for concern when assessing the validity of an employment test
  18. The problem with using the GRE to determine whether students who have already been admitted to graduate school should be given their degrees is that
  19. If a variable has a “restricted range”, it is difficult to estimate a validity coefficient due to a lack of
  20. Dr. Tong is trying to define ‘life satisfaction’ and to create a test that will assess the level of a person’s satisfaction with their life. She is planning to find out how well her test correlates with other tests believed to measure life satisfaction. This is an example of
  21. Which of the following statements is true?
  22. The validity coefficient of an aggression scale is .5. Using a score on this scale as a predictor of domestic violence, how much of the variability in domestic violence can be attributed to scores on the aggression scale?
  23. Which of the following is a predictor variable for the criterion of college GPA?
  24. A new measure for anxiety correlates highly with the Beck Anxiety Inventory. This new measure is demonstrating
  25. A professor is developing a final exam for her course. She goes through each chapter of the textbook for the semester and develops questions from each to ensure they are all sufficiently covered in the exam. Which type of validity is this professor ensuring for her exam?