PSYC 418 Exam Week 4 (100 out of 100 points)


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  1. Feelings are so important in the counseling process that you should:
  2. The basic listening sequence can be used __________.
  3. “Will you do it?” Identify the stage from the five-stage model where an interviewer would most likely use this question.
  4. The basic listening sequence consists of which skills?
  5. The basic listening sequence can operate in which of the following settings?
  6. There is a distinctive difference between paraphrasing and reflection of Paraphrase focuses on __________ and reflection of feeling is concerned with __________.
  7. Client: Since my mother was diagnosed with cancer, I’ve been really worried and She just doesn’t look as well as she did before; she needs a lot more rest. Which of the following interviewer responses is reflection of feeling?
  1. “You’ve decided that you want to be more assertive with your That’s great, but now let us make a specific plan to take that idea home.” This is most likely what stage of the interview?
  2. When a client is depressed, you can expect less brain activity in the:
  3. The theory and philosophy of the five-stage decisional style is similar to:
  4. Which of the following will NOT help you practice reflection of feeling?
  5. The effective salesperson:
  6. The HPA system does NOT include:
  7. With some clients, the brief acknowledgment of __________ may be more appropriate.
  8. When a client feels anger, the __________ energizes the limbic HPA axis, and hormones lead to a faster heartbeat, higher blood pressure, breathing changes, and muscular tension.
  9. According to the five stages of interviewing, you can plan for termination, as appropriate, in this
  10. __________ clients may demonstrate a wrinkled nose and raised and pursed upper lip.
  11. Which of the following is true of positive emotions?
  12. Which of the following may NOT help clients slow down and regain control of their emotions?
  13. Which of the following is the emotional center of the brain?