PSYC 3006 Week 1 Test Psychology of gender (Spring 2022)


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PSYC 3006 Week 1

  1. Results that are statistically significant are:
  2. Gender-related differences in ability are largest for:
  3. The feminist movement of the 1960s grew out of the .
  4. In psychology research, dependent variables are:
  5. The research method that can show cause and effect relationships is:
  6. Researchers conducting ethnographic studies:
  7. One difference between the men’s movement and the women’s movement is that:
  8. The concept of hostile sexism:
  9. Quantification refers to the:
  10. Some feminist critics of science have argued that science is an inevitably biased activity, whereas others have contended that:
  11. An operational definition:
  12. The data that researchers collect are usually:
  13. Ben Barres has a unique perspective on the treatment of women in science and contends that:
  14. The men’s movement differs from the women’s movement in .
  15. The stereotype that women are more emotional than men:
  16. The maximalist view holds that:
  17. In his speculation that the low number of female scientists is due to women’s innately lower ability, Lawrence Summers used .
  18. When an experimenter finds that the manipulation of an independent variable produced a change in the dependent variable, with all other factors held constant, then:
  19. The tendency to publish results that show differences:
  20. Focus groups: