PSYC-3002/PSYC-3002P Week 1 Test (Winter 2021)


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Test – Week 1

  1. Pam wants to know if a new vocabulary intervention increases language development. She administers the intervention to 30 three-year-olds in daycare. She then compares the number of vocabulary words children who received the intervention can say to the number of vocabulary words children who did not receive the intervention can say. What is the independent variable in this study?
  2. Pam is studying language development in 3-year-olds in daycare. She observes 30 children over two weeks and takes note of various aspects of the children’s language. What type of statistics should Pam use to see if what she learned in this sample can explain the language development of all 3-year-olds in daycare?
  3. Yearly income would be considered a variable.
  4. Sarah learns that her 3-year-old scored as well as or better than half of the children in Pam’s language development study. Sarah’s child scored at the percentile.
  5. Which of the following statements about bar graphs is false?