PSYC 2003 Week 2 Test – Question and Answers


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PSYC 2003 Week 2 Test

  1. Your grandmother tells you about how things were in the “Old Country” when she was a child before she moved with her family to the United States. Your grandmother’s recollections of cultural information are examples of her .
  2. Your cousin, who is in her early thirties, owns her own Internet marketing company. Before starting the Internet marketing company, she ran another Internet startup for 8 years before selling it. Whenever any problems arise with the company, she draws from her wide range of knowledge and experience with similar problems in the past in order to devise an effective solution. What would experts say your cousin has?
  3. Abdul is from an African country that emphasizes cooperativeness and obedience as qualities of intelligence. According to the text, Abdul is most likely from .
  4. Your 43-year-old cousin has his own automobile repair shop. Whenever you have car problems, all you have to do is describe the noise that your car is making, and he can accurately diagnose the problem on the phone. Psychologists would argue that this is an example of his .
  5. Fred was diagnosed with a disease that is characterized by amyloid plaques and neurofibrillary tangles. Which of the following diseases does Fred have?
  6. When renowned pianist Arthur Rubinstein was asked how he managed to maintain a reputation as one of the world’s top concert pianists even into late adulthood, he explained that he had reduced the range of pieces he played, practiced each of the remaining pieces more, and learned to play very slowly just before beginning a fast passage, to make the contrast more effective since he could not play as fast as when he was younger. Arthur Rubinstein’s behaviors are an illustration of .
  7. Your best friend has been a high school math teacher for nearly 25 years. You have always been amazed at how quickly he can estimate cubic dimensions by the simple measurements he does in his head. What concept explains his ability?
  8. According to research (Arts et al., 2006), experts are not only more automatic in their problem-solving than novices, they are also .
  9. Your girlfriend has an amazing ability to put ideas or materials together in new, culturally meaningful ways. What skill does she possess?
  10. Signe has been a software developer for her entire career. She found early success with an application she designed during her free time in college, and has been able to expand on that success as the head of a successful software company. She is considered an expert among her peers, and her innovative solutions have helped her company become profitable. She is at her creative peak. Based upon cited research studies, how old is Signe most likely to be at this point in her career?