PSY 7713 Quiz 1 Unit 8 with Answers (100 out of 100 points)


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  1. A ______ is a type of token economy in which participants can move up (and sometimes down) a hierarchy of levels contingent on meeting specific performance criteria with respect to the target behaviors.
  2. A description of the task should include which of the following when writing a contingency contract?
  3. A group contingency is useful when:
  4. A method for withdrawing a token system is:
  5. A parent says to his children: “For anyone who earns all As on their report card, I will pay you $50 at the end of the ” What type of group contingency is this?
  6. A teacher says: “Everyone, you have math homework Tomorrow, I will draw a name from a hat. If that person has completed his or her homework and remembered to bring it back to school, everyone will get extra recess.” What type of group contingency is this?
  7. A teacher uses a group contingency with her students. She states the following rule: “If everyone gets 100% on their spelling test this week, I will turn cartwheels down the hall for you.” What type of group contingency is this?
  8. Advantages of self-management include:
  9. An interdependent group contingency is most useful if:
  10. Group contingencies can:
  11. In a token economy, the tokens:
  12. In reference to self-control and self-management, Cooper, Heron, and Heward (2002) prefer to use one term over the other, although they appear to be interchangeable in the Which term do Cooper, Heron, and Heward (2002) prefer?
  13. Smith implemented a procedure where she exclaimed that if any student scored over 90% on the test, they would get an extra 30 minutes of recess. Which group contingency is this?
  14. Recommendations for self-administered consequences include:
  15. Self-administered consequences that increase behavior include:
  16. Self-generated verbal responses, covert or overt, that functions as response prompts for a desire behavior is referred to as:
  17. Self-management is best defined as the:
  18. Suggestions for making self-monitoring effective include:
  19. The primary reason one might consider using a level system with a token system is that:
  20. The success of contingency contracts is probably due to:
  21. What are the three main parts of most contracts?
  22. When implementing a token economy, what consideration should be made in determining the ratio of exchange?
  23. When setting up a token economy:
  24. Which of the following is not a part of a contingency contract?