PSY 255 Quiz 3 – Question and Answers


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PSY 255 Quiz 3 Chapters 7 and 8 – Question with Answers

  1. Which of the following assumptions underlies the trait approach to personality?
  2. If we say Ted is high on the personality trait of assertiveness, we would expect that he will act assertively
  3. Which approach to personality has relatively little to say about why people behave the way they do?
  4. Traits were introduced into the field of personality psychology by
  5. A man is said to have one personality trait that dominates his personality. Allport would identify this personality trait as a
  6. A psychologist collects data from a large number of people. She places each person on a continuum ranging from high to low conscientiousness and makes predictions about how people in the high range will act compared to those in the low range. This psychologist is using which approach to understanding personality?
  7. All port called the five to 10 traits that best describe an individual’s personality
  8. Personality psychologists use factor analysis to help them determine
  9. Alicia has an active imagination and a strong intellectual curiosity. She likes new ideas and unconventional ways of looking at problems.  Alicia is probably high in
  10. People high on the __________ dimension are helpful and sympathetic to others.
  11. Tonya often becomes upset over daily stressors. More than most people, she experiences such emotions as sadness, anger and anxiety.  This description of Tonya is best accounted for by which of the factors in the five-factor model?
  12. Compared to most of us, individuals who score high on Openness are more likely to
  13. Julie sets high goals for herself at work. She is more committed to reaching these goals than most employees. She is organized, works hard, and remains persistent in the face of obstacles to reaching her work goals.  Julie would probably score high on a measure of
  14. Test-takers who “fake good”
  15. A psychologist knows the man he is testing wants to be admitted into the psychiatric ward of the hospital. With which problem should the psychologist be concerned?
  16. Monroe is very competitive at work and when playing sports with his friends. He often takes work home with him in the evening and frequently eats lunch at his desk so he can do two things at once. He gets very frustrated and sometimes angry when he can’t do something well the first time. Monroe could best be classified as a(n)
  17. Most research identifies the “toxic component” in the Type A behavior pattern as
  18. People high in social anxiety report that their anxiety often is very painful and that they desire to be more sociable. This finding helps us distinguish between social anxiety and
  19. Research has identified each of the following except one as characteristic of people high in social anxiety. Which one?
  20. Some researchers believe that evaluation apprehension is the underlying cause of social anxiety. This means people high in social anxiety
  21. Researchers have found an association between health and each of the following personality variables except one. Which one?
  22. One reason dispositional optimists handle stressful situations better than pessimists is that optimists
  23. Researchers find that people who are high in _______ typically achieve more than the average person.
  24. Research has found that the strength of students’ immune systems was related to
  25. A cognitive strategy designed to prepare oneself for stressful or anxiety-provoking invents (e.g., imagining the worst case scenario and asking yourself if you can handle it) is known as what