POLI 330N Political Science – Entire Course Week 1 to 8



POLI 330N Week 1 Assignemnt, Curent Events

POLI 330N Week 1 Discussion, The Study of Political Science

POLI330N Week 2 Assignment, The Role of Media in Influencing Govt and Public Presentation

POLI330N Week 2 Discussion

POLI_330N Week 3 Assignment: Essay – Representing a Democracy
POLI_330N Week 3 Discussion: Our Constitution (Two Responses)

POLI330N Week 4 Assignment: Electoral College – Good or Bad?
POLI330N Week 4 Discussion: Differences and Similarities between Presidential and Parliamentary Systems

POLI_330N Week 5 Assignment: Current Event – Totalitarian Restrictions or Ethnic Conflict
POLI_330N Week 5 Discussion: International Organizations (Two Responses)

POLI330N Week 6 Assignment: Current Event – Free and Fair Trade or Budgetary Issue
POLI330N Week 6 Discussion: US Budget (Two Responses)

POLI_330N Week 7 Assignment: Final Project – Policy Issue (Two Pamphlets)
POLI_330N Week 7 Discussion: Agenda Setting (Two Responses)

POLI 330N Week 8 Assignment End of Course Survey
POLI330N Week 8 Discussion: PEW Typology Quiz