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POL 201 Week 2 Assignment 1, Annotated Bibliography, Affordable Care Act 2010

POL201 Week 2 Assignment 2, Annotated Bibliography, Every Student Succeeds Act

POL201 Week 2 Assignment 3, Annotated Bibliography, Mental Health and Safe Communities Act of 2015


POL 201 Week 2 Discussion Question 1

Identify your profession or future profession, and provide a brief background on the typical job responsibilities. Discuss what federalism is and why it is important.

Discuss-your policy or piece of legislation that you have selected for your Final Paper and how federalism impacts it. Discuss the federalism challenges that the policy you have selected is creating or facing.

POL201 Week 2 Discussion Question 2

What policy did you decide on for your Final Paper? What research have you found to support your ideas? Is your research reliable and unbiased? What insights have you had?

POL 201 Week 2 Quiz 1 (10 Question and Answers)

POL201 Week 2 Quiz 2 (10 Question and Answers)

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