PHIL 347N Critical Reasoning Week 1 to 8 – Entire


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PHIL 347N Week 1 Assignment: Journal
PHIL347N Week 1 Course Project: Topic Selection
PHIL347N Week 1 Discussion: Wisdom vs. Knowledge

PHIL 347N Week 2 Assignment: Journal
PHIL 347N Week 2 Checkpoint Quiz
Week 2 Discussion, Context, Meaning, and Value

PHIL347N Week 3 Checkpoint Quiz
Week 3 Course Project: Issue Review
Week 3 Discussion: Evaluating Sources

PHIL_347N Week 4 Assignment: Journal
Week 4 Checkpoint Quiz
Week 4 Discussion: Distinguishing Inductive and Deductive Reasoning

PHIL347N Week 5 Assignment: Journal
Week 5 Course Project: Annotated Bibliography and Source Evaluation
Week 5 Discussion: In My Opinion

PHIL347N Week 6 Checkpoint Quiz
Week 6 Discussion 1, Comparative Reasoning
Week 6 Discussion 2, Empirical Reasoning

PHIL347N Week 7 Course Project: Argumentative Paper
Week 7 Discussion, What Do I Value?

PHIL347N Week 8 Assignment: Journal
Week 8 Discussion, When the People You Love Don’t Think Like You