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PHI 208 Final Exam (50 Questions and Answers)

  1. Feminist ethics is based around which of the following ideas
  2. Rachels claims that:
  3. Which of the following does Tom Regan say about the utilitarian approach to animal ethics?
  4. Kass argues that there is an important difference between withdrawing treatment and active, direct mercy killing, and this difference lies in the
  5. According to Nagel, to which of the following groups of people is hostility most appropriately aimed?
  6. Which one of these is not
    a way of expressing Kant’s Categorical Imperative?
  7. In the excerpt from Plato’s Republic, Glaukon suggests that people are good
  8. According to Mill, utilitarian morality holds that:
  9. If Midgley is correct, moral skepticism
  10. Most definitions of honor regard it as having the following two elements:
  11. According to Colin Stokes, in this film all the heroic, wise, and villainous characters are female.
  12. What does Singer say about other philosophers’ attempts to argue that only humans have moral worth?
  13. In Aristotle’s view, the virtues are:
  14. Midgely concludes that
  15. According to Kant, suicide is:
  16. According to Midgely, moral isolationism leads to
  17. In the Groundwork for the Metaphysics of Moralswe find that to act on ‘duty’ is
  18. What is Tom Regan’s position about the use of animals in research and agriculture?
  19. According to Aristotle, happiness is:
  20. The Ring of Gyges gave the shepherd who found it
  21. What is Peter Singer’s point about performing vivisection on mentally disabled human infants?
  22. If Glaukon is correct, then justice
  23. Aristotle states that if we ask what the highest good of human action is:
  24. Jeremy Waldron argues that drone warfare is neither ethical or effective because it
  25. Which of the following does nothappen in the “Meet Your Meat” to animals with diseases or injuries on modern factory farms:
  26. James Rachels points out that when passive euthanasia is employed on infants, they typically die of:
  27. Midgley thinks that although we can understand or appreciate other societies,
  28. Robinson describes integrity as a virtue that has the
  29. How do we determine the difference between higher and lower pleasures, according to Mill?
  30. What, according to Tom Regan, is the contractarian approach to ethics?