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PHI 105 Week 6 Assignment, Types of Communication Table

Complete the Type of Communication Table.

PHI 105 Week 6 Peer Review Forum

After submitting the First Draft of your essay in Topic 5, post it as a reply to the Peer Review Forum thread in the classroom. You should label your paper and the subject line of your reply with your first name and last name (e.g., Karen Palmer’s Paper).

PHI 105 Topic 6 Discussion Question 1: What is the difference between persuasion and manipulation? Describe a time when you have encountered or used one or both of these.

PHI 105 Week 6 Discussion Question 2: Think of a metaphor for something that is commonly used in everyday speech. (e.g., “Her home is a prison”) Share your metaphor and describe what could happen if someone does not use critical thinking when encountering that metaphor. For example, consider how metaphors can be ….due to regional or cultural usage. Note: You may not post the same metaphor as someone else.

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