PCN 530 Week 7 Counselor Awareness Working with the Aging Paper


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PCN 530 Week 7 Assignment, Counselor Awareness Working with the Aging Paper

PCN 530 Week 7: As a person ages, it is expected that the body also ages and experiences some steady changes. How the body ages depend on a person’s genetic composition regarding aging. But also the lifestyle that one leads also affect how the body ages. Some of the physical changes that come with aging include: the skin becomes less elastic and drier; hair on the scalp becomes thin because the hair pigment cells have declined in number, and the hearing ability …….as high frequency sounds become difficult to hear. Most people in their old ages also develop vision problems as they are not able to see clearly. The bone structure in older people gradually loses some minerals thus they become less dense and weaker…………PCN 530 Week 7