OPS 571 Final Exam 3 – Question and Answers



OPS 571 Final Exam with Answers

  1. Define synchronous manufacturing as stated by Goldratt’s theory.
  2. In a __________, the product remains in a specific location and the equipment, labor, and material required for the product are gathered to the specific location.
  3. A manufacturing firm efficiently assembles an airplane by bringing all the necessary raw materials, parts, and equipment to a central location. This scenario illustrates a __________.
  4. According to Goldratt’s definition, __________ is the rate at which cash is generated by production through sales.
  5. Identify a disadvantage of pure projects
  6. __________ are ….for decisions that are …..to aggregate and strategy demand ops 571 final exam
  7. __________ is the characteristics of a product in terms of quality that are …..as either conforming or nonconforming to specification.
  8. Identify an advantage of pure projects
  9. Identify a true statement about water transportation mode.
  10. __________ involves testing random samples of the end product from a process to determine if the process is churning out items within the predetermined range.
  11. __________ is the design, operation, and improvement of the processes that create and deliver a company’s essential products and services.
  12. Define waste reduction.
  13. Define preventive maintenance
  14. Rachel performs an analysis in which she analyzes the performance of the clients of her organization relative to the expectations of the client’s customers. In this scenario, Rachel is most likely using a __________.
  15. A shopkeeper purchases raw materials to manufacture souvenirs for a local event that happens once every five years. In this case, identify the model that the shopkeeper is most likely to use to maintain stock.
  16. __________ refers to the integrated activities designed to achieve high quality and high levels of production with minimal inventories of raw materials and to eliminate wastes.
  17. The main objective of the aggregate operations plan is to ops 571 final exam
  18. __________ shows the relationship between the total number of units produced and the unit production time
  19. _________ is the ratio between the actual amount of time a resource is …..for and the total amount of time the resource is available for use.
  20. __________ is the average time …..to finish a cycle of an operation ops 571 final exam
  21. Identify the true statements about the learning curve theory.
  22. Define customer order decoupling point.
  23. The manager of a shop floor schedules production …..on the equipment that are used in the process as a key resource. In this case, the manager is most likely using a __________.
  24. __________ is responsible for scheduling, dispatching, monitoring, and regulating production on the shop floor.
  25. Identify a disadvantage of implementing group technology in a firm ops 571 final exam
  26. Identify a true statement about services.
  27. __________ determines the amount of inventory, which includes parts, components, and materials, necessary to produce a product.
  28. A pharmaceutical company keeps detailed documentation of its inventory. The company replenishes its inventory whenever the inventory level falls below a certain limit and there is a threat of a stockout. This company is most likely using a __________ model.
  29. Define lead time.
  30. Identify a true statement about an operations consulting processops 571 final exam