NURS 6551 Week 4 Quiz – Question and Answers


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NURS 6551 Week 4 Quiz

  1. Which of the following is a chronic lifelong infection?
  2. How does vaginosis differ from vaginitis? (The correct answer is NOT A)
  3. How do systematic antiviral drugs treat genital herpes?
  4. What is the most common symptoms of bacterial vaginosis?
  5. What is the most common symptom of vulvovaginal candidiasis?
  6. What is the major source of normal vaginal secretions?
  7. Approximately how many Americans will contract one or more sexually transmitted infections during their lifetime?
  8. What can bacterial vaginosis lead to?
  9. Approximately what percentage of women with bacterial vaginosis are asymptomatic? (Correct answer is NOT C).
  10. The American College of Nurse-Midwives recently revised its definition and scope of midwifery to include treatment of: