NURS 6551 Week 11 Quiz – Question and Answers


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NURS 6551 Week 11 Quiz with Answers

  1. Fever associated with pyelonephritis will usually resolve within how many hours of treatment with antibiotics?
  2. What is the recommended interval target between urinations?
  3. Uncomplicated acute bacterial cystitis occurs in women who:
  4. The primary endocrine disorders affecting women are diabetes mellitus and:
  5. The urethra typically holds back how much fluid in the bladder several times a day?
  6. In order to maintain continence bladder pressure must be
  7. What do current theories suggest as to how cranberry products can reduce UTIs?
  8. What does rosacea describe?
  9. What is the most common type of UTI that affects women?
  10. What is the recommended about of Kegel contractions per day for women whose pelvic muscles are weak?