NURS 6541 Week 6 Quiz 2 – Question and Answers


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NURS 6541 Week 6 Quiz with Answers

  1. You see a 9-year-old after he was hit in the eye with a foreign body. Flourescein staining reveals a vertical line abrasion lateral to the iris. The pupils are equal in size and reactive; a positive red reflex is present bilaterally. There are no abnormal extraocular movements. Visual acuity is normal. An appropriate plan of care includes follow-up in 48 to 72 hours and:
  2. A 3-year-old has a history of upper respiratory tract infection 2 weeks ago. She recently started awakening at night. Physical exam reveals a normothermic child. She is smiling, playful, and sitting on the father’s lap. The TMs are gray with scattered bubbles and good motility. What is the best treatment?
  3. Therapeutic treatment for Coxsackie infections include:
  4. A 10-year-old comes to your school-based clinic with complaint of a painful sore on the upper lip for 5 days. The sore is getting better since yesterday, but today the right eyelid is swelling and there are blisters on the eye. The best management is to:
  5. John, age 5, was diagnose with a ruptured tympanic membrane as a result of acute otitis media 2 weeks ago. He was ….with oral antibiotics at the time of diagnosis and has finish his course. He has no purulent drainage, but he still has a TM perforation. His plan of care should include:
  6. Each of the following is a risk factor for the development of acute otitis media EXCEPT:
  7. Mikayla is a 15-month-old female who has had recurrent bouts of acute otitis media. Her mother is concerned about future school performance. Which of the following statements regarding otitis media is true?
  8. You see a 6-month-old with a diagnosis of dacryocystitis. The mother states “her left eye tears all the time and it has since birth.” The infant was seen in urgent care last week and was prescribed antibiotic eye drops that “don’t seem to help.” You confirm the diagnosis of dacryocystitis without evidence of infection. What education and counseling do you provide? nurs 6541 week 6 quiz
  9. Kelly is a 9-year-old who presents to your office with complaint of nasal congestion, nasal obstruction, and facial pain with radiation to her teeth and jaw for the last 14 days. The pain is describe as throbbing and is worsened by abrupt movements, walking, or bending over. Her temperature is currently 100.4°F. Your most likely diagnosis is:
  10. A 7-year-old presents with a complaint of ear pain with purulent discharge. He states it hurts when he is lying on the affected side and when anyone touches his pinna. The most likely diagnosis is:nurs 6541 week 6 quiz