NURS 6541 Week 1 Quiz – Question and Answers


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NURS 6541 Week 1 Quiz

  1. You see a 6-month-old for a well-child visit and the mother tells you the child’s grandmother recommends that she give the infant whole milk and eggs when he starts solids. What should you tell the mother?
  2. Most children can independently get dressed by themselves by age
  3. I can walk well on tiptoes, my speech is 50% understandable. I know six body parts, but I can’t balance on one foot for 1 second. I am:
  4. Which of the following children should be referred for a comprehensive developmental evaluation?
  5. You see a 13-year-old who reports she is learning some basic geometry (areas, volumes, etc). The ability to successfully master these concepts occurs during which Piaget developmental stage?
  6. Which of the following children has abnormal language development?
  7. You see a 3-year-old for a well-child visit. His mother informs you that potty training has been easy because he “has an amazing internal clock. He falls asleep, gets hungry, and has bowel movements at the same time every day.”  This describes which aspect of temperament?
  8. A typically developing 8-year-old girl will have which of the following genital development?
  9. I can roll over, grasp a rattle, and reach for things and have begun feeding myself finger foods, but I can’t wave bye-bye yet. How old am I?
  10. The most likely weight of a 1-year-old whose birth weight was 6 ½ pounds would be: