NURS 6531 Week 9 Quiz – Question and Answers




NURS 6531 Week 9 Quiz

  1. Which of the following is the most common cause of low back pain?
  2. The cardinal sign of infectious arthritis is:
  3. Which of the following best reflects the National Osteoporosis Foundation daily calcium recommendations for adults?
  4. Risk factors for osteoporosis include:
  5. The Institute of Medicine’s recommended daily allowance (RDA) for Vitamin D in adults over age 70 years of age is:
  6. A middle-aged man presents to urgent care complaining of pain of the medial condyle of the lower humerus. The man works as a carpenter and describes a gradual onset of pain. On exam, the medial epicondyle is tender and pain is increased with flexion and pronation. Range of motion is full The most likely cause of this patient’s pain is:
  7. Which of the following characteristics are associated with prepatellar bursitis?
  8. A patient complains of generalized joint pain and stiffness associated with activity and relieved with rest. This patient history is consistent with which of the following disorders?
  9. A 77-year-old female presents to the office complaining a sudden swelling on her right elbow. She denies fever, chills, trauma, or pain. The physical exam reveals a non-tender area of swelling over the extensor surface over the right elbow with evidence of trauma or irritation. The nurse practitioner suspects:
  10. Potential causes of septic arthritis include which of the following?