NURS 6512N Week 9 Quiz – Question and Answers – Set 1


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NURS 6512N Week 9 Quiz 1 – Question and Answers

  1. The Denver II is a tool used to determine:
  2. A positive Babinski sign is normal until what age?
  3. While interviewing a 70-year-old female clinic patient, she tells you that she takes ginkgo biloba and St. John s wort. You make a short note to check for results of the:
  4. Environmental hazards and cognitive function arere dek 9ata needed for the personal and social history section of a neurologic assessment for:
  5. You have asked a patient to close his eyes and identify an object placed in his hand. You are evaluating:
  6. Motor maturation proceeds in an orderly progression from:
  7. Deep pressure tests are use mostly for patients who are experiencing:
  8. Loss of immediate and recent memory with retention of remote memory suggests: .
  9. A patient in the deepest coma would be _____ on the Glasgow Coma Scale.
  10. Diabetic peripheral neuropathy will likely produce:
  11. You are initially evaluating the equilibrium of Ms. Q. You ask her to stand with her feet together and arms at her sides. She loses her balance. Ms. Q. has a positive:
  12. Flight of ideas or loosening of associations are associate with:
  13. At what age should the infant begin to transfer objects from hand to hand?
  14. You are performing a two-point discrimination test as part of a well physical examination. The area with the ability to discern two points in the shortest distance is the:
  15. Normal changes of the aging brain include:
  16. To assess a cremasteric reflex, the examiner strokes the:
  17. The finger-to-nose test allows assessment of:
  18. The Glasgow Coma Scale is use to:
  19. An aversion to touch or being held, along with delayed or absent language development, is characteristic of:
  20. A woman brings her husband to the emergency department and states that he is having a stroke. You are the student NP on the hospitalist service and are sent down first to obtain the history and physical. You develop a differential diagnosis and know that the initial gold standard radiology test to further evaluate is: nurs 6512n week 9 quiznurs 6512n week 9 quiz