NURS 6512N Week 9 Quiz – Question and Answers – Set 2


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NURS 6512N Week 9 Quiz 2 – Question and Answers

  1. The thalamus is the major integration center for perception of:
  2. The examiner should be concern about neurologic competence if a social smile cannot be ….by the time a child is _____ old.
  3. Normal changes of the aging brain include:
  4. You are most concern for the infant that has a:
  5. When is the mental status portion of the neurologic system examination performe?
  6. You have asked a patient to close his eyes and identify an object placed in his hand. You are evaluating:
  7. A 69-year-old truck driver presents with a sudden loss of the ability to understand spoken language. This indicates a lesion in:
  8. You ask the patient to follow a series of short commands to assess:
  9. The Mini-Mental State Examination should be administered for the patient who:
  10. An acute polyneuropathy that commonly follows a nonspecific infection occurring 10 to 14 days earlier and that primarily affects the motor and autonomic peripheral nerves in an ascending pattern is:
  11. An aversion to touch or being held, along with delay or absent language development, is characteristic of:
  12. Which area of the brain is responsible for perceiving sounds and for determining their source?
  13. Which type of hallucination is most commonly associate with alcohol withdrawal?
  14. At what age should the infant begin to transfer objects from hand to hand?
  15. Which statement is true in regard to attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)?
  16. Which of the following is a concern, rather than an expected finding, in older adults?
  17. A positive Babinski sign is normal until what age?
  18. Loss of immediate and recent memory with retention of remote memory suggests: nurs 6512n week 9 quiz
  19. A woman brings her husband to the emergency department and states that he is having a stroke. You are the student NP on the hospitalist service and are …..down first to obtain the history and physical.
  20. You develop a differential diagnosis and know that the initial gold standard radiology test to further evaluate is:nurs 6512n week 9 quiz