NURS 6501 Module 3 Knowledge Check with Answers


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NURS 6501 Module 3 Knowledge Check with Answers

Below shown are the initial questions for “NURS 6501 Module 3”.

  1. Filteration occurs in what portion of the kidney?
  2. The only manifestation of cystitis is an older adult may be the development of:
  3. Rapidly progressive glomerulonephritis can cause what type of acute kidney injury?
  4. Women who have symptoms of cystitis for more than 6 weeks with negative urine cultures may have:
  5. When plasma creatinine concentration increases what effect does it have on the GFR?
  6. An alkaline urinary pH significantly increases the risk of what type of urinary stone formation?
  7. The center of every villus has a lymphatic capillary that is known as a __________ that is important for the absorption of __________ molecules.
  8. Which of these structures are located in the renal cortex?
  9. The concentration gradient of the renal interstitium increases from the cortex to the tip of the medulla, this causes the urine to:
  10. Reabsorption of large amounts of sodium, water, glucose, amino acids; net reabsorption of bicarbonate; secretion of H1, organic acids, and many medications occur in what portion of kidney?
  11. An untreated enlarged prostate can cause what type of acute kidney injury?
  12. Bilateral renal calculi can cause what type of acute kidney injury?
  13. A patient with severe colicky flank pain radiating to the groin, nausea, and vomiting, and some hematuria is experiencing classic symptoms of:
  14. Which of the following is true about normal changes to the GI system that occurs as individuals age?
  15. The external urethral sphincter is under the voluntary control of what somatic motor nerve?
  16. A patient with hematuria, dull flank pain, weight loss, and anemia in the late stages of the disease are experiencing classic symptoms of:

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