NURS 6541 Week 3 Quiz – Question with Answers


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NURS 6541 Week 3 Quiz – Question and Answers

  1. A 9-year-old who weighs 70 pounds asks why she can’t sit in the front passenger seat of the family car. Your best response is:
  2. Which of the following is a priority nurse practitioner role to help children and adolescents to have healthy sexual development?
  3. For adolescent girls, peak height velocity should occur by Tanner Stage (SMR):
  4. Which of the following statements regarding adolescent substance use is true?
  5. Which of the following statements about bullying is true?
  6. The mother of a 5-year-old informs you her daughter cheats when playing board games. What is the best response? nurs 6541 week 3 quiz
  7. Which of the following screenings should adolescents have done annually?
  8. A 12-year-old male states he noticed an enlargement of his testes and scrotum. When counseling him about the next step in pubertal development, you state:
  9. Which of the following issues or concepts is relevant to the school-age child?
  10. Appropriate anticipatory guidance for the parents of an 8-year-old girl includes:nurs 6541 week 3 quiz