NURS 6002 Week 1 Quiz – Question and Answers


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NURS 6002 Week 1 Quiz

  1. Which of these is the final step a student should take when drafting an assignment?
  2. Daniel has an assignment due on Day 4 of his first week. As Daniel scans his Assignment description, which section will be most helpful as he organizes his time devoted to his online studies?
  3. The Academic Skills Center offers tutoring on Microsoft Word.
  4. Wanda is in her first Walden course. Her Instructor asks her to use peer-reviewed journal articles as sources for her assignment. Wanda is not sure how to find peer-reviewed journals in the Walden Library. How can she find out more about this library skill? Check any that apply:
  5. Dr. Federico assigns his students with a research report. Dr. Ellis assigns her students the same report but also provides her students with the rubric she will use during the grading process. Which of these best describes the advantage Dr. Ellis’ students have over Dr. Federico’s students?
  6. A piece of writing is said to be plagiarized when which of the following is true?
  7. Students can access academic resources on the myWalden Portal by doing which of the following?
  8. The Writing Center offers what services to all master’s students?
  9. True or false: The only place an Assignment due date can be found is in the Assignment description.
  10. SafeAssign is an automated document checker that looks for which of the following?