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Quiz – Week 3 (75 out of 75 points)

  1. A researcher is studying the relationship between fatigue and stress among staff nurses in an acute care setting. 100 nurses were recruited and completed a self-administered questionnaire. This can add bias to the study because
  2. A quantitative research study
  3. When selecting a questionnaire to be used as a research instrument, the researcher must be sure the instrument is .
  4. Home care nurses are observed as they provide skin care to individuals with hospital acquired pressure ulcers. On average, the nurses spend at least ten minutes more providing this care than they normally do. This is an example of what concept relevant to quantitative research?
  5. In research, rigor involves adhering to the study design, paying strict attention to detail, and being sure all data collected is accurate.
  6. How is a sample different from a population?
  7. The researcher must select an appropriate design for a study in order to eliminate error and make critique of the findings possible.
  8. A sampling technique used in experimental design includes
  9. The difference between probability sampling and nonprobability sampling is the chance of a participant being selected to participate in the study.
  10. A questionnaire used in a study is said to be reliable if the results obtained are
  11. The results of correlation research
  12. Correlation research may be used to
  13. When a researcher uses control in a research study, it reduces the impact/influence of
  14. The blueprint for quantitative studies is termed
  15. When one accepts a belief as true without proof and uses it as the basis for a phenomenon, it is known as a(n) .
  16. The purpose of in the health sciences is to create knowledge that will improve health, lengthen life, and decrease death and disability.
  17. Quantitative research can be described as
  18. Why does subject attrition affect internal validity?
  19. A researcher wants to know whether nursing fatigue is one cause of poor patient satisfaction scores. The independent variable is
  20. The pre-test post design is used in correlation research to show there is a relationship between the pre and post interventions.
  21. The plan for data analysis can be developed once the data collection is complete.
  22. In quantitative experimental research, the independent variable is manipulated to determine the effects on the dependent variable.
  23. Methods to collect data in a descriptive quantitative study could include all but
  24. A causal relationship is said to exist
  25. A random table of numbers may be used to select participants for an experimental study.