NUR 649E Discussion Question with Responses Week 5 to 8



NUR 649E Discussion Question Week 5 to 8 with Answers
NUR 649E Week 5 Discussion Question 1

Identify the personal characteristics of a student that would support his/her success in distance education. Also, the faculty and students may need different competencies. Choose to discuss the competency needed by either faculty or students; you do not have to do both.

Week 5 Discussion Question 2

What is the role of faculty in distance education?

NUR 649E Week 6 Discussion Question 1

How might the assessment of quality in distance education differ from the assessment of quality in a traditional classroom setting?

Week 6 Discussion Question 2

Many schools hire adjunct faculty to fill online teaching positions. How might that practice impact the quality of online education?

Week 7 Discussion Question 1

Read “Thirty-Two Trends Affecting Distance Education: An Informed Foundation for Strategic Planning,” located on the Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration website at After that select one of the trends and explain how you think it will impact nursing education. Note that this article was written in 2003. Finally, is there a need to update the trend to make the article relevant for today? How?

NUR 649E Week 7 Discussion Question 2

Provide an example of a societal trend that will likely impact nursing education and patient education in the future. Also, provide a multidisciplinary strategy that would maximize the positive impact the trend will have. There are numerous examples that are available; therefore, it is not appropriate to repeat one that has already been provided, unless approved by the instructor. When responding to a post, provide feedback on the strategy suggested and add an additional strategy that may be effective as well.

Week 8 Discussion Question 1

Discuss whether there should be additional criteria to become a distance nurse educator. Explain your response. Finally, if you agree that there should be additional criteria, what standards would you set?

Week 8 Discussion Question 2

Predict the career potential for nurse educators in online education. Also, justify your response by referring to societal trends as studied in Topic 7.