NUR 647E Topic 8 Benchmark Teaching Diverse Learners Presentation


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NUR 647E Topic 8 Assignment Benchmark Teaching Diverse Learners Presentation (Two Different Presentations)

For this assignment, you will prepare a 10-12-slide PowerPoint presentation on teaching techniques for diverse learners.

Presentation Criteria:
Prepare a plan for designing and delivering instruction that addresses both the needs of the selected population as well as other diverse students.

  1. Select a population that represents a type of diversity, which may include ethnic, learning styles, age, or cognitive ability. The selected population may be nursing students, staff members, or patients.
  2. Explain how your selected population’s characteristic impacts their learning styles.
  3. Provide three teaching strategies an educator could use with that particular group of learners.
  4. Include a rationale for each strategy as to why it would be effective.