NUR 630 Discussion Question with responses, Topic 5 to 8


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NUR 630 Discussion Question, Topic 5 to 8
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NUR 630 Topic 5 DQ 1
Measurement is required to determine the success of your CQI project. What is the difference between outcome and process measures? Which are more important? Why? Support your reasoning with an example.

NUR 630 Topic 5 DQ 2
Identify which of the following approaches you would choose to assist in determining and measuring outcomes: FMEA, Pareto Principle, and control charts. Describe the best approach and explain why you chose it?

NUR 630 Topic 6 DQ 1
What is the difference between primary and secondary data? How can CQI be driven using primary and secondary source data? How can CQI be driven by each source, provide a specific example?

NUR 630 Topic 6 DQ 2
Describe at least two limitations to both primary and secondary data and how understanding those limitations can improve your future CQI work.

NUR 630 Topic 7 DQ 1
Identify at least two stakeholder agency reporting sources. How do these external reporting groups contribute to or hinder CQI?

NUR 630 Topic 7 DQ 2
You are going to present data that has been collected to your administrative group. The focus is on outcome measures and the data collected is unplanned readmission rates at two different hospitals. What format would you choose to display your data and why? What information would you include with the data?

NUR 630 Topic 8 DQ 1
What two elements do you believe play the most significant role in sustaining change and why? Support your answer with one or two references.

NUR 630 Topic 8 DQ 2
The concept of a “Just Culture” has a number of key elements. Choose the two elements that you feel are the most difficult to achieve and provide one strategy for each that will make them achievable.