NUR 514 Topic 6 Assignment, Emerging Technology Brief


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NUR 514 Topic 6 Assignment, Emerging Technology Brief

New health care innovations offer the advanced registered nurse an opportunity to apply emerging technologies. In practice to improve quality and patient outcomes.  For this assignment research an emerging health care technology that you think has the potential to overcome current or emerging barriers to care.

Write a 500-word brief that provides an overview of the technology its purpose, and how it would function in a health care setting, including any ethical or legal issues that would accompany the incorporation of the technology. Discuss how this technology could improve access to care and promote patient safety and quality.

Refer to the Topic 6 materials for samples and resources to help you construct your brief.

You are require to cite three to five sources to complete this assignment. Source must be publish within the last 5 years and appropriate for the assignment criteria and nursing content.

NUR 514 Topic 6NUR 514 Topic 6 Assignment