NUR 502 Week 4 Benchmark and CLC Assignment, Discussion Question


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NUR 502 Week 4 Benchmark Assignment – Application of Concept Analysis to Clinical Practice

Select a peer-reviewed concept analysis article of your choice and write a response of 1,000–1,250 words. Use the following guidelines:

  1. Include an introduction.
  2. Describe the method of analysis, using the article and Chapter 3 of Theoretical Basis for Nursing.
  3. Describe the steps of process and the results for each step.
  4. Apply the concept to a practice situation.
  5. Include a conclusion.

NUR 502 Week 4 Collaborative Learning Community: Grand Nursing Theorist Assignment: Theorist Identification and Rationale

The purpose of this assignment is to have a clear understanding of the elements of a theory and to apply a theory to practice. The CLC group must use a grand theory or a high-level mid-range theory.

The group will create a report for a practice committee at a health care institution. The objective is to convince your peers of the value of using a specific theory to guide practice and evaluate care.

Since the text does not provide adequate information on any one theory for the purpose of this assignment, further research through nursing theory websites (general and specific), as well as theory texts specific to individual theories, will be required.

Begin the assignment by identifying a theorist and providing the rationale for the group’s selection.

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