NSG 6435 Final Exam Study Guide 2 with Answers


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NSG 6435 Final Exam Study Guide 2

  1. Expected inc in wt: birth-3 mo
  2. Expected inc in wt: 3-6 mo
  3. When does head growth occur?
  4. Expected inc in head circumference: 0-2mo
  5. Expected inc in head circumference: 2-6 mo
  6. inorganic causes of FTT
  7. Expected inc in wt: 6-12 mo
  8. Expected inc in wt: 1-2 years
  9. head circumference abnormalities
  10. Expected inc in head circumference: by 12 mo
  11. causes of microcephaly
  12. elevated ICP in peds clinical signs
  13. live vaccines
  14. Expected inc in wt: 2 yr-adolescence
  15. Expected inc in height: 0-12 mo
  16. Prevnar immunization schedule
  17. Expected inc in height: 13-24 mo
  18. Expected inc in height: 2 years to adolescence
  19. acuteLead intoxication in child
  20. chronic lead intoxication
  21. timeline for tooth eruption
  22. Till what age does child ride in rear facing car seat
  23. Nutrition in newborn
  24. 2 months sleep schedule and feeding/stooling schedule
  25. When should you introduce cows milk
  26. developmental domains
  27. Infants w/ CNS injuries show ______ and _____-_______ primitive reflexes
  28. When do primitive reflexes disappear?
  29. Gross motor milestones. Birth: 2mo: 4mo: 6mo: 9mo: 12mo:
  30. Motor development 
  31. primitive reflexes(4). Postural reactions(2)
  32. Fine motor milestone: birth: 3-4mo: 4-5mo: 6-7 mo: 9 mo: 12mo:
  33. Red flags in motor development(4)
  34. Basic language milestones. 2-3mo: 6mo: 9-12mo: 12mo: 18mo: 2yr: 3yr:
  35. Ddx of speech/language delay
  36. Object permanence apparent at __ mo.  This is why they get ______ _____ at 6-18mo
  37. Cerebral palsy def
  38. Classification of CP
  39. Autism clinical features(5)
  40. Med eval for hearing loss
  41. LEading causes of blindness in children
  42. colic defn
  43. Tx of uncomplicated nocturnal enuresis
  44. tx for diurnal (Day) enuresis
  45. What stage of sleep do nightmares occur?  Night terrors?
  46. types of breath holding spells
  47. First sign of puberty in boys(what age)
  48. When does thelarche begin in females? What does it indicate?
  49. Menarche occurs when? how long after thelarche?
  50. Tanner Stage I
  51. Tanner stage II male
  52. Stage 3 Tanner=male
  53. Stage 4 Tanner in male
  54. Female breast development: Stage I
  55. Female breast development: Stage 2
  56. Early adolescence cx: 10-13 y/o
  57. Female breast development: Stage 3
  58. Middle adolescence cxs (14-17 yo)
  59. Female breast development: Stage 4
  60. Female breast development: Stage 5
  61. late adolescence(18-21 yo)
  62. HEADSS
  63. Physical effects of Marijuana
  64. Exam findings for Anorexia
  65. lab findings in anorexia
  66. difference between bulimia and anorexia
  67. absolute contraindications to OCP
  68. relative contraindications to OCPs
  69. primary amenorrhea defn
  70. amenorrhea w/up
  71. Gynecomastia, Etiology, Labs:, DDx, Management
  72. Testicular torsion
  73. Epididymitis: Etiology: Clinical: Dx: Management
  74. Vernix caseosa
  75. pallor in newborn
  76. Jaundice is always abnl if detected within first __ hours of birth.  But common in the first few days.
  77. milia
  78. Pustular melanosis
  79. Erythema toxicum neonatorum
  80. MC vascular lesion of infancy
  81. Strawberry hemangiomas
  82. Caput succedaneum
  83. Cephalohematomas
  84. lateral neck cysts or sinuses
  85. Respiratory distress clinical signs in child
  86. Nl HR in newborn
  87. when to perform surgery on umbilical hernia? 
  88. What is meconium ileus and what does it usually indicate?  When does child normally pass meconium stoo l?
  89. Hydrometrocolpos
  90. Absence or hypoplasia of raidus in newborn DDX
  91. Edema of feet w/ hypoplastic nails cx of _____ and _____ syndromes
  92. Cyanosis newborn
  93. Causes of cyanosis in newborn
  94. Tests in cyanotic infant
  95. CC of resp distress in infant Clinical s/sxs
  96. RDS DDx
  97. Resp pathology affecting lungs? Airways?
  98. Tx of RDS
  99. Reason for physiologic jaundice
  100. ddx of indirect hyperbilirubinemia
  101. Ddx of hyperbilirubinemia
  102. Eval of Indirect hyperbilirubinemia
  103. complications of indirect bilirubin
  104. Congenital diaphragmatic hernia CF: Eval: Management:
  105. intestinal obstruction in neonate ddx
  106. NEC, CF: Eval: Management:
  107. INfants of DM mothers(IDM) CF: Eval: Management:
  108. Possible infection hx questions
  109. <3 mo eval of fever: labs, MC bacterial pathogens, who gets hospitalized
  110. Fever of unk origin defn and w/up
  111. MCC of FUO(Fever of unk origin)
  112. 2nd MCC of FUO
  113. 3rd MCC of FUO
  114. Lymphoma, leukemia
  115. RF for meningitis.  What age is highest incidence found?
  116. CF of Meningitis
  117. Dx for meningitis bacterial
  118. early empiric abx therapy for bacterial meningitis: newborns(0-28 days) Young infants: (1-3mo) Older infants and children(>3mo)
  119. Abx therapy for meningitis
  120. MC complication of meningitis
  121. other complications of meningitis besides hearing loss
  122. CSF findings for TB meningitis
  123. Causes of Aseptic meningitis
  124. Common cold viruses
  125. CF of sinusitis: MC organisms
  126. Acute, subacute and chronic sinusitis differences.
  127. Pharyngitis etiology MCCs
  128. EBV pharyngitis sxs
  129. Coxsackievirus pharyngitis
  130. cx of GABHS(Strep throat)
  131. Tx of GAS strep throat
  132. Ddx of cervical lymphadenitis(6)
  133. dx of cervical lymphadenitis
  134. Etiology of parotitis
  135. dx of parotitis
  136. Impetigo vs erysipelas etiology
  137. mcc of Toxic shock syndrome
  138. Diagnostic criteria for TSS
  139. MC viral causes of diarrheal disease
  140. Rotavirus epidemiology: CF: Dx: Managment
  141. Norwalk virus Epi: CF Dx Management
  142. causes of bloody diarrhea
  143. which bacterial infectious diarrheal diseases cause WBCs in stool
  144. HUS s/sxs
  145. Shigella tx
  146. Early CF of HIV in first year of life
  147. management of HIV + mom and possibel negative HIV status newborn
  148. which vaccine should HIV positive child not receive
  149. complications of HIV infection
  150. PCP CF
  151. tx of PCP
  152. IMO CF
  153. Dx of IMO
  154. how do you test for EBV in child <4 yo?
  155. Complications of EBV infection
  156. CF of measles(rubeola)
  157. MCC of mortality in measles infeciton.  Other complications
  158. rubella CF
  159. congenital toxoplasmosis
  160. Pinworm infection CF and tx
  161. Ascaris CF and tx
  162. RMSG Etiology, Epi, CF, Labs, Dx, Managemnt
  163. Cat scratch disease Eti, CF, Dx, tx
  164. inspiratory stridor on exam think what diagnosis
  165. expiratory wheezing on exam think what diagnosis
  166. crackles/rales on exam: think what two diagnosis
  167. epiglottitis
  168. Tx of epiglottitis
  169. Croup defn, etio, CF, tx
  170. tx of croup
  171. westley croup score
  172. MC LRTI in first 2 years of life
  173. bronchiolitis etio, CF
  174. tx of bronchiolitis
  175. typical causes of PNA in 0-3 mo
  176. typical causes of PNA age 6 and above
  177. CF of PNA
  178. typical causes of PNA: 3-5 mo
  179. DDx of wheezing
  180. Ddx of recurrent or chronic wheezing in child
  181. Intermittent asthma
  1. Mild persistent asthma
  2. moderate persistent asthma
  3. severe persistent asthma
  4. Cystic fibrosis
  5. CF of Cystic fibrosis
  6. Cystic fibrosis dx
  7. CF of cystic fibrosis
  8. CLD(BPD) defn, etio an PP,  CF
  9. Apnea of infancy
  10. SIDS peak incidence ages, RF, etio
  11. Vitamin A def s/sxs
  12. Vit D def s/sxs
  13. Vit E def s/sxs
  14. marasmus
  15. Kwashiorkor
  16. Vit B1 def s/sxs
  17. Celiac disease CF, eval, management
  18. Short bowel syndrome PP
  19. CF of physiologic reflux(GER)
  20. CF of pathologic reflux(GERD)
  21. intestinal anatomic obstructions that result in vomiting
  22. CF and dx of hypertrophic pyloric stenosis
  23. CF of malrotation and midgut volvulus
  24. Duodenal atresia and stenosis CF eval and management
  25. Intussusception Epi, PP, CF
  26. Tx of intussusception
  27. Chronic abdominal pain: organic and non organic(functional): organic causes normal stool patterns
  28. Functional fecal retention PP, etio, and CF
  29. Organic causes of constipation
  30. what sxs suggests organic cause of constipation
  31. Causes of UGIB
  32. LGIB causes: neonate(birth-1mo)
  33. LGIB causes: Infant/young child(1mo-2 yrs)
  34. NEC should be considered in any newborn who presernts w/?
  35. LGIB causes: preschool(2-5 yr)
  36. LGIB causes: school age(>5 yr)
  37. Juvenile polys CF and incidence.  Tx?
  38. Allergic colitis
  39. Elevated bilirubin causes?
  40. MCC of conjugated hyperbilirubinemia
  41. Causes of conjugated bilirubin(cholestasis)
  42. CF of cholestasis
  43. Defn of neonatal hepatits
  44. Biliary atresia: defn, CF
  45. Dx of biliary atresia
  46. Alagille syndrome
  47. viruses that cause viral hepatitis
  48. Autoimmune hepatitis Categories, defn, CF
  49. CF of autoimmune hepatitis
  50. Maintenance water requirement calculated form pts weight
  51. Parenteral rehydration occurs in two phases: Emergency phase and repletion phase
  52. Microscopic hematuria
  53. hematuria ddx
  54. Proteinuria defn
  55. Classification of proteinuria
  56. nephrotic syndrome
  57. Nephritic syndrome
  58. MCC of acute glomerulonephritis?  MCC of chronic GN?
  59. CF PSGN
  60. Dx of PSGN
  61. Tx of PSGN.  Does abx help dec risk of PSGN?  Rheumatic fever?
  62. IgA nephropathy Etio: CF: Dx: tx:
  63. HSP nephritis Defn CF
  64. Nephrotic syndrome defn
  65. Categories of Nephrotic syndrome
  66. CF of nephrotic syndrome
  67. Dx of Nephrotic syndrome
  68. massive edema with nephrotic syndrome
  69. MCD tx
  70. HUS defn
  71. CF of HUS
  72. Alports syndrome
  73. MCC of renal mass in newborn
  74. ADPKD Epi, CF, prgnosis
  75. ETiology of HTN in children
  76. HTN in neonates and young infants
  77. HTN MCC in child 1-10 yo
  78. Adolescents MCC of HTN
  79. CF of renal failure
  80. Chronic renal insufficiency and ESRD Etiology
  81. prerenal causes of Renal failure w/ labs
  82. Renal parenchymal causes of acute renal failure w/ labs
  83. Postrenal causes of ARF and labs
  84. Congenital obstructive abnl in urinary tract
  85. Renal abnl:
  86. Renal agenesis
  87. VUR
  88. Renal dysplasia
  89. Dx of VUR
  90. Etiology of stones in childhood
  91. UTI sxs in older infants, young child, older child
  92. UA suggestive of UTI
  93. what should all children with first febrile UTI have?
    Children w/ recurrent UTI, pyelo, all males, all girsl <4 yo w/ cystitis?
  94. Neonate w/ UTI abx tx
  95. AFP elevation causes
  96. Triple marker to assess for trisomy conditions made up of what tests
  97. Prader Willi syndrome
  98. Angelman syndrome
  99. Noonan syndrome
  100. Velocardiofacial syndrome
  1. blue sclerae, fragile bones, yellow or gray blue teeth, easy bruisability
  2. VACTERL assoc
  3. CHARGE assoc
  4. Williams syndrome
  5. Down syndrome CF
  6. MR, hypertonia, small facial features, clenched hands, rocker bottom feet
  7. Holoprosencephaly, szs, severe MR, microphthalmic, cleft lip/palate.  midline defects
  8. short stature, webbed neck, shield chest, swelling of dorsum of hands and feets, ovarian dysgenesis, L sided cardiac defects(coarctation)
  9. Klinefelters syndrome
  10. Achondroplasia
  11. Potter syndrome
  12. Fetal alcohol syndrome
  13. Cig smoking teratogen
  14. homocystinuria Cause, CF, dx
  15. Cystinuria
  16. Signs of hyperammonemia(>200micromoles)
  17. PKU Inheritance, CF, Dx, Management
  18. Ornithine transcarbamylase def
  19. Galactosemia Inheritance, CF, Dx, Tx
  20. Hereditary fructose intolerance
  21. GSDs cx by _______ and ____ ______
  22. Von Gierkes disease
  23. Pompes disease
  24. Lysosomal storage diseases
  25. tay sachs
  26. Gaucher disease
  27. Niemann pick disease
  28. porphyria CF
  29. triggers of porphyria
  30. Short stature defn
  31. diff between normal variant short stature and pathologic short stature
  32. Children who grow __ inches per year between ___ years of age and pubety usualy do not have an endocrinopathy or underlying pathologic d/o
  33. two MC categories of normal variant short stature
  1. Familial short stature
  2. consitutional short stature
  3. causes of disproportionate pathologic short stature
  4. Causes of proportionate short stature
  5. Pts w/ poor growth velocity w/ normal screening labs but low IGF-1 and delayed bone age should have w/up for….
  6. Bone age<chronologic age
  7. Bone age=chronologic age
  8. Endocrinopathies that cause short stature
  9. CF of GH deficiency
  10. onset of female puberty?  Menstruation? Male puberty onset.  First sign?
  11. Precocious puberty def
  12. Premature thelarche
  13. Central precocious puberty
  14. Peripheral precocious puberty
  15. Etiology of PPP
  16. Delayed puberty ages
  17. Two categoires od delayed puberty
  18. Causes of hypogonadotropic hypogonadism
  19. Causes of hypergonadotropic hypogonadism
  20. primary adrenal insufficiency
  21. Cuases of Seocndary adrenal insufficiency and s/sxs
  22. CAH MCC, s/sxs
  23. 11B hydroxylase def
  24. DKA defn and PP
  25. CF of DKA
  26. Labs in DKA
  27. Tx of DKA
  28. Etiology of central DI
  29. Etiology of Nephrogenic DI
  30. X linked recessive d/o
  31. Causes of CHF: congenital and acquired
  32. CF of CHF
  33. Tx of CHF
  34. Acyanotic congenital HD
  35. MC type of ASD
  36. MC heart lesion in Down syndrome
  37. when are large VSDs w/ pulmonary HTN usually closed?  Small to mod VSDS?
  38. what are indications for intervention in AS
  39. Cyanotic congenital Heart disease
  40. Noncardiac causes of central cyanosis
  41. MC cardiac causes of central cyanosis
  42. Eval of cyanosis
  43. TOF
  44. CF of TOF
  45. Acquired heart disease
  46. ETiology of infective endocarditis
  47. Dx of Infective endocarditis
  48. signs of bacterial endocarditis: FROM  JANE
  49. Etiology of Pericarditis
  50. Etiology of myocarditis
  51. dx of myocarditis
  52. DCM etiology
  53. myocarditis sxs
  54. HOCM on exam/ ECG, ECho
  55. SVT defn and PP
  56. CF of SVT
  57. management of SVT
  58. Long Qt syndrome, Etiology
  59. CF of long QT syndrome/ dx
  60. Chest pain in child
  61. CP in child ddx
  62. Cyanosis in newborn w/ L axis deviation and LVH on ECG
  1. Systolic murmur of pulmonary stenosis and RVH on ECG
  2. HSP defn, CF
  3. dx of HSP
  4. Kawasaki disease Defn and epi
  5. Dx criteria of kawasaki
  6. Other CF not diagnostic of Kawasaki
  7. labs for kawasaki disease
  8. Tx of Kawasaki
  9. JRA CF, age of onset
  10. Dx of JRA
  11. tx of JRA
  13. Rhem markers of Lupus
  14. tx of lupus
  15. Dermatomyositis CF
  16. Dx of Dermatomyo
  17. Tx of Dermatomyo
  18. Rheumatic fever defn
  19. Can strep skin infections cause rheumatic fever
  20. CF of Rheumatic fever
  21. Dx of RF
  22. Labs in RF
  23. Tx of RF
  24. CF of lyme
  25. Dx of lyme
  26. seronegative spondylarthropathies
  27. Reiters disease triad
  28. Cx of seroneg spondyloarthropathies
  29. scaly skin plaque, nail pitting, onycholysis, arthritis of small/large joints
  30. Asian F adolescent or young adult, w/ systemic signs, aneurysmal dilation or thrombosis of aorta, carotid, or subclavian arteris
  31. sinusitis, hemoptysis, glomerulonephritis, systemic signs. Affects kidneys, lungs
  32. sicca syndrome(dry mouth and eyes), high titers o autoantibodies(usually ANA or RF), and CT disease
  33. CREST syndrome
  34. Erbs palsy
  35. Klumpkes palsy
  36. Nursemaids elbow
  37. Anterior shoulder dislocation
  38. Torticollis types and C
  39. Scoliosis tx
  40. DDx of back pain in child
  41. CC of back pain in child
  42. Diskitis CF, dx, tx
  43. DDH epi, CF, dx
  44. Dx of DDH
  45. tx of DDH
  46. painful Limp ddx in childhood-The joint STARTSS HOTT
  47. orther causes of limps: DDLLL
  48. labs in septic arthritis
  49. dx of transient synovitis
  50. tx of transietn synovitis
  51. Legg Calve Perthes disease CF, dx, tx
  52. SCFE epi, C, dx, tx, complications
  53. Osteomyelitis Etio, CF, dx, imaging, Tx, complications
  54. internal tibial torsion epi, CF, tx
  55. out toeing epi, etio, CF, tx
  56. when should genu varum resolve?  tx if not?
  57. Blount disease epi etio, CF, dx, tx
  58. OSgood Schlatter disease
  59. patellofemoral syndrome
  60. Compression fx
  61. Salter Harris Classification for physeal fx(growth plate fxs)
  62. MCC of clavicular fx in childhood and neonates
  63. tx of clavicular fxs
  64. supracondylar fx
  65. if suspect supracondylar fx what should you not do?
  66. common types of forearm fxs
  67. Toddlers fx
  68. Hgb is ____ at birth in most newborns and normally ____ reaching physiologic _____ point between __ and __ mo of age in the term infant
  69. two MC types of microcytic, hypochromic anemias during childhood
  70. IDA
  71. MAcrocytic anemia causes
  72. microcytic hypochromic anemia causes
  73. high reticulocyte count, normocytic normochromic anemia causes
  74. low reticulocyte count normocytic normochromic anemia causes
  75. labs for aneima
  76. alpha thalassemia types and causes
  77. B-thal major
  78. Tx of B thal major
  79. Macrocytic anemias labs and MC types
  80. low reticulocyte count ddx
  81. high reticulocyte count ddx
  82. causes of microangiopathic anemia
  83. G6PD PP, triggers, CF, labs, dx, tx
  84. crises in Sickle cell disease
  85. fever in sickle cell disease pt should have what labs
  86. tx of sickle cell disease
  87. fanconi anemia CF and inheritance
  88. Diamond blackfan aanmia
  89. Acquired aplastic anemia etio, CF, labs, tx
  90. causes of secondary polycythemia
  91. RElative Polycythemia
  92. CF suggesting abnl hemostasis
  93. Eval for clotting abnl
  94. Factor VIII, IX def labs and CF
  95. vWF d/os labs and CF
  96. TCP CF and Labs
  97. Vit K def labs and CF
  98. DIC labs and CF
  99. hemophilia A etio, CF, labs, managemtent
  100. VWF disease CF, labs, tx
  101. DIC labs
  102. Plt abnl quantitative d/os
  103. ITP etio, PP, CF, labs
  104. Wiskott aldrich
  105. TAR
  106. Grading of ANC levels in neutropenia
  107. MCC of neutropenia in childhood
  108. Cyclic neutropenia CF dx
  109. ocuclocutaneous albinism, large blue gray granule in cytoplasm of neutrophils, neutropenia, blond or bronw hair w/ silver streaks
  110. Neutropenia caused by dec production(8)
  111. Neutropenia caused by inc destruction(5)
  112. CF of anaphylaxis
  113. tx of anaphylaxis
  114. Allergic rhinitis CF, defn, dx
  115. tx of allergic rhinitis
  116. Aller ic conditions in childhood
  117. atopic dermatitis defn, CF, dx
  118. dx of atopic dermatitis
  119. tx of atopic dermatitis
  120. d/os of lymphocytes
  121. IgA deficiency
  122. Dx of IgA def
  123. Ataxia telangiectasia def, CF, dx, tx
  124. 502.Digeorge syndrome: CATCH 22
  1. Wiskott Aldrich def, etio, CF dx
  2. tx of wiskott
  3. difference between ointments, creams, lotions, and solutions
  4. Anti inflammatory topical agents
  5. tx of seborrheic dermatitis
  6. psoriasis etio CF, Tx
  7. Cx features of types of erythema multiforme
  8. cx of course of parvo
  9. morbilliform and scarlatiniform
  10. Roseola
  11. VZV infection
  12. HSV1 and HSV2
  13. Tx of neonatal HSV and cutaneous and oral HSV
  14. causes of hypopigmentation
  15. classfication of hypotonia
  16. peripheral hypotonia causes
  17. weak cry, tongue fasciculations, bell shaped chest, frog leg posture, hypotonia, weakness, normal EOM, nl sensory
  18. bulbar weakness and paralysis 12-48 hours after ingestion, constipation first sxs, ophthalmoplegia, hyporeflexia, hypotonia, paralysis is symmetric and descending
  19. hydrocephalus defn, types, etio
  20. CF of hydrocephalus
  21. in children <5 yo what is MCC of coma?  older children?
  22. b/l dilated nonreactive pupils causes b/l constricted reactive pupils
  23. eval of coma
  24. Causes of acute sz during childhood(7)
  25. Classification of szs
  26. eval of afebrile and febrile sz
  27. dx of febrile szs
  28. eplieptic syndromes(3 MC)
  29. INfantile spasms(West syndrome)
  30. benign rolandic epilepsy
  31. Intracranial and extracranial HA in childhood
  32. ddx of ataxia
  33. DDx of cerebellar ataxia(7)
  34. Acute cerebellar ataxia of childhood
  35. dx of GBS
  36. smooth philtrum, cardiac defects, MR, short nose, thin lip, flat face, microcephaly, SGA
  37. protruding tongue, clinodactyly, MR, brachycephaly, flat face, small ears, heart defects, upslanting palpebrals
  38. deafness, ocular defects, nephritis
  39. causes of amblyopia
  40. neonatal conjunctivitis(ophthalmia neonatorum)
  41. c trachomatis neonatal conjunctivitis
  42. N gonorrhoeae neonatal conjunctivits
  43. HSV neonatal conjunctivitis
  44. DDx of red teary eye in newborn
  45. red eye in older infants and children
  46. bacterial conjunctivitis causes, CF, dx
  47. Viral conjunctivits etio, CF,  types
  48. hemorrhagic conjunctivitis nsg 6435 final
  49. Blepharitis etio, CF, dx, tx
  50. nasolacrimal duct obstruction(NLD obstruction)
  51. retinal hemorrhage nsg 6435 final
  52. corneal abrsion etio, CF, dx, management
  53. congenital glaucoma
  54. retinopathy of prematurity
  55. leukocoria causes
  56. congenital cataract etio tx
  57. Strabismus nsg 6435 final
  58. MCC of cardiac arrest in a child is lack of ____ supply
  59. different types of shock
  60. PE findings in shock
  61. Labs in shock
  62. Degrees of burns
  63. types of drowning
  64. CF of drowning
  65. miosis drugs
  66. mydriasis drugs
  67. drugs that cause fever
  68. labs in suspect toxic exposure
  69. management of toxin exposure
  70. ACAP poisoning management
  71. Salicylates Pathophysiology
  72. CF of salicylate posioning nsg 6435 final
  73. lab findings in salicylate posioning
  74. management of salicylate posioning
  75. 577.Pathophysiology of iron OD
  76. Management of iron OD
  77. stages of ACAP ingestion
  1. Stages of Iron toxicity
  2. CF of lead poisoning acutely
  3. tx for lead toxicity nsg 6435 final
  4. pathophysiology of caustic agents: acids and alkalis
  5. tx of caustic agents
  6. dog bites CF, tx
  7. black widow spider poisonings
  8. preterm frequent problems
  9. breast milk jaundice nsg 6435 final
  10. aundice should always be evaluated under what circumstances:
  11. Esophageal atresia w/ TEF MC assoc w/…
  12. omphalocele assoc w/ what other congenital anomalies
  13. MC obstruction in neonatal period nsg 6435 final
  14. hypoglycemia is what serum glucose concentration
  15. conditions that cause dec glucose production or substrate supply
  16. which disease presents similarly to marfans
  17. DIM PED-PKU sxs nsg 6435 final
  18. CORE-Tyrosinemia type I sxs