NSG 6002 Week 3 Knowledge Check- Question and Answers


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NSG 6002 Week 3 Knowledge Check

  1. The US Department of Health and Human Services has funded multiple agencies focused on patient safe and effective care. As an Advanced Practice Nurse (APN), what specific agency would you refer too when learning more about reimbursement based upon patient focused value driven quality care?
  2. Team STEPPS training through the Agency for Health, Research and Quality is focused on patient safety. The primary tenets of this training are ….specifically on:
  3. As an APN providing patient-specific care and seeking Medicare reimbursement under MACRA legislation demonstrating value and quality. You will bill under which payment system?
  4. As an APN seeking the best evidence to ensure optimal patient-centered outcomes, which agency will you refer to when seeking the current evidence-based guidelines directing standard of care?
  5. Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER) is patient centric and provides specific outcomes that compare one intervention from another. What specific agency will you rely on as an APN to gain CER data for your professional practice?