NSG 6001 Week 5 Quiz – Question and Answers


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NSG 6001 Week 5 Knowledge Check

  1. A patient with shoulder pain is seen by an orthopedic specialist who notes erythema, warmth and fluctuance of the shoulder joint. What is the next step in treatment for this patient?
  2. A patient comes to a provider with reports of unilateral arm pain and weakness with mild neck pain. The provider notes that the patient prefers holding the affected arm crossed in front of the throat. A history reveals a recent onset of sexual dysfunction. What does the provider suspect based on this history?
  3. A 45 year old patients reports a recent onset of unilateral shoulder pain which is describe as diffuse and is …with weakness of the shoulder but no loss of passive range of motion. What does the provider suspect as the cause of these symptoms?
  4. A patient is diagnose with polymyalgia rheumatica with giant cell arteritis. Which dose of prednisolone will be ….initially? nsg 6001 week 5 quiz
  5. A patient has swelling and tenderness in the small joints of both hands and reports several weeks of malaise and fatigue. A RF test is negative. What will the primary care provider do next?nsg 6001 week 5 quiz