NSG 6435 Midterm Exam Study Guide with Answers


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NSG 6435 Midterm Exam – Question and Answers

  1. Stacks 5 blocks
  2. Until when is the female body reproductively immature? why?
  3. Which will decrease risk of acute otitis media in 6 month old?
  4. Able to stand on one foot
  5. Testing cranial nerve II in infant
  6. Which is true of infants with developmental dysplasia of the hip?
  7. Head circumference should be measured until a child has attained 
  8. 6 wk old is suspected of having developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH). What test would best assess for this?
  9. 2 month old has asymetricmoro reflex. which statement is true?
  10. Risk assessment for dyslipidemia should begin at 
  11. MMR is safe in children
  12. Tanner stage 4 in females
  13. Burn from coffee, moist red to ivory white, blisters are noted and painful
  14. 6-8 yr old child able to
  15. Palpable thrill in left upper sternal border region 
  16. Child in MVC, burns to lower extremities. dry waxy whitish appearance with visualization of tibialis anterior
  17. At what age does infant try to repeat words heard?
  18. Priority intervention in caring for a child diagnosed with atopic dermatitis should be
  19. Infants who exhibit an absence of cry are born:
  20. Children presenting with congenital heart defects that result in right to left shunting would most likely exhibit which of the following symptoms?
  21. Extremely rapid and shallow respirations in a newborn could be consistent with:
  22. In an infant, a repetitive, short expiratory sound is known as
  23. which of the following neurological assessment findings indicate the need for further evaluation?
  24. Eyelid edema and purulent discharge from eyes is
  25. Sexual maturity rating in girls: characteristics of stage 3 include
  26. When examining abdomen of infant, simultaneous percussion and auscultation is one technique for assessing the size of the
  27. The 4 classic structural defects of tetralogy of fallot include:
  28. When is breastfeeding contraindicated
  29. Physiologic vs pathologic jaundice- based on what?
  30. Infant must learn to sit before standing
  31. Hip dysplasia
  32. CAP in 6 yr old still febrile after 72 hrs on zithromax
  33. A-typical pneumonia
  34. Child with mod persistent asthma with dx of pneumonia
  35. Scarlet fever with sandpaper rash -causative organism
  36. Able to stand on one foot
  37. First sign of sexual maturation in males
  38. Pneumococcal vaccine
  39. 18 month old with bronchiolitis and RR 28, treatment
  40. Tachycardia in school aged child
  41. A patient with CF should 
  42. A chronic medical problem is one that is present for
  43. The GOLD STANDARD test for diagnosing CF
  44. Findings of a peritonsillar abscess include all of the following except
  45. Precocious puberty 
  46.  (15 mo old) After treatment with Amoxicillin for OM, 2 wkrechk = still red TM and distorted landmarks with nasal discharge yellowish, treatment?
  47. Asthma is a chronic lung disease characterized by airway hyperresponsiveness, reversible airway obstruction and 
  48. Socialization
  49. Given as a supplement in delayed puberty
  50. Allergic symptoms = nasal congestion, sneezing, watery eyes, difficulty sleeping and …
  51. Leukocoria is usually indicative of 
  52. 12 mo old develops nonpuritic rash after immunization, which one is likely responsible
  53. Typical CXR finding consistent with asthma
  54. Supportive feature in diagnosing constitutional delay of puberty
  55. Average adolescent female experiences biggest growth spurt at age
  56. Pubarche in adolescent girls
  57. 14 yr old with fatigue, endocartitis, pulmonary hypertension, arrhythmias, CHF, you suspect he may have 
  58. Adolescents should be screened for STD
  59. Thelarche in adolescent girls
  60. Average age of male puberty in US
  61. Natural part of cultural and ethnic background
  62. Common symptom of Leukemia
  63. Breast milk can be stored safely in the freezer for
  64. Most common esophageal disroder in children
  65. Infants weighing less than 1700g(4 lb) at birth are more likely to have 
  66. Gold standard for diagnosing reflux
  67. Infantile colic in infants younger than 3 months is characterized by
  68. Hirschsprung disease nsg 6435 midterm exam
  69. Symptoms of Hirschsprung disease in older child
  70. Encopresis
  71. Turner’s Syndrome
  72. ADHD meds are schedule ___
  73. Top causes of death in teens
  74. Patent ductus Arteriosis
  75. Transposition of the Great Arteries
  76. ITP
  77. Only po diabetic agent approved for use in children
  78. DM type I
  79. Juvenile RA
  80. You are obtaining the history and physical information for a child with juvenile RA whose symptoms have been controlled with aspirin therapy. Which information about this patient will concern you most?
  81. Hgb A1c goals
  82. Congenital hypothyroidism 
  83. Ortolani& Barlow
  84. Galezzi&Klisick
  85. Can walk backwards
  86. Roseola (exanthemsubitum)
  87. Roseola Infantum(ExanthemSubitum)
  88. Bloody diarrhea, abd pain, vomiting, oliguria, pallor, GI bleeding, HTN
  89. Infants with cerebral palsy
  90. Scoliosis
  91. The most accurate pain assessment in pediatric population
  92. Clinical features of Kawasaki disease
  93. Purpose of obtaining a developmental history
  94. Diabetes Insipidus
  95. Causes of delayed puberty
  96. Pt with Cystic Fibrosis
  97. Trismus
  98. Peritonsillar abscess will have 
  99. Precocious puberty
  100. OM recheck after treatment with Amoxicillin, remains distorted with drainage, best course of action
  101. Asthma a chronic lung disease characterized by 
  102. Socialization
  103. Allergic symptoms: nasal congestion, sneezing, watery eyes, difficulty sleeping and _________
  104. Typical x-ray finding associated with dx of asthma nsg 6435 midterm exam
  105. Supportive in diagnosing constitutional delay in puberty?
  106. Average adolescent female experiences biggest growth spurt at ____
  107. Pubarche in adolescent girls
  108. 14 yr old with fatigue, endocarditis, pulm HTN, arrhythmias, CHF
  109. _____ adolescents should be screened for STD
  110. Thelarche
  111. 8 yr old with chronic intermittent nasal congestion. which supports allergic rhinitis?
  112. Most common symptom of pt with ASD
  113. Average adolescent female experiences biggest growth spurt at
  114. Anterior fontanel is usually closed by
  115. Average adolescent male experiences biggest growth spurt
  116. Average age of male puberty in US
  117. Natural part of cultural and ethnic background
  118. One of most common symptoms of Leukemia
  119. Best way to screen for gonorrhea in female
  120. Best way to screen for gonorrhea in male
  121. Disease of the hypothalamus or pituitary gland cause
  122. Secondary epilepsy may occur at any age, but more likely in 
  123. Best way to screen for HPV in adolescent female
  124. Pauciarticular arthritis is … pain in ____ joints 
  125. Diagnoses that must be ruled out prior to dx ADHD
  126. When does baby walk with help?
  127. Leukocoria associated with 
  128. Leukocoria
  129. Maternal iron stores are depleted by age…
  130. 16 yr old male, absenteeism from school…