NRS 451VN Week 3 Assignment, Executive Summary 1


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NRS 451VN Week 3 Assignment, Executive Summary – Hand Hygiene for Healthcare Staff

The purpose of health care is to assist our community in healing and the prevention of disease.  One of the most important, easiest, and basic priorities to this is hand hygiene.  Hand hygiene is an essential and often overlooked primary piece at the frontline of safety and prevention for our community.  The main purpose of this program is to prioritize the importance and necessity of hand hygiene for the healthcare staff within the hospital and throughout the network.  Having good hand hygiene is a topic that has been explained and taught to us since we were children by our parents.  It was then necessitated throughout our schooling and a subject that was approached during our nursing education as well.  This subject may seem very insignificant; however, it is of the utmost importance in preventing and decreasing the transmission of disease.  The first project dictated by the …………………Continuednrs 451vn week 3