NRS 434VN Course Assignment Week 1 to 5


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NRS 434Vn Course Assignment

NRS 434VN Topic 1 Assignment, Environmental Factors and Health Promotion (Three Presentations)

NRS434VN Topic 1 Assignment, Shadow Health Digital Clinical Experience Orientation

NRS434VN Topic 2 Assignment, Developmental Assessment, and the School-Aged Child

NRS_434VN Topic 2 Assignment, Shadow Health: Focused Exam Cough – Objective Data, Subjective Data

NRS_434VN Topic 3 Assignment, Adolescence: Contemporary Issues and Resources (Cyber Bullying)

NRS434VN Topic 3 Assignment, Adolescence: Contemporary Issues and Resources (Tackling the Issue of Underage Drinking)

NRS434VN Topic 3 Assignment, Shadow Health: Conversation Concept Lab – Subjective Data Collection

NRS_434VN Topic 4 Assignment, Shadow Health:  Comprehensive Assessment – Documentation, Objective Data Collection, Planned My Exam, Subjective Data Collection

NRS434VN Topic 5 Benchmark Assignment, Human Experience Across the Health-Illness Continuum (Two Papers)

NRS34VN Topic 5 Assignment, Shadow Health-Focused Exam: Abdominal Pain Assessment – Subjective Data, SBAR

NRS 434VN Course Assignment