NRS 433V Week 4 Topic 4, Research Critique Part 2, Dementia


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NRS 433V Week 4 Topic 4 Benchmark – Research Critique Part 2, Quantitative Research – Dementia

Dementia is a progressively worsening disease that causes a person to forget everything about themselves and their loved ones. They usually begin to exhibit behaviors that are against their normal character. “Delirium is a common neuropsychiatric disorder defined by the DSM-5 [1]. It is a disturbance in attention and awareness, and cognitive deficits that develop over a short period of time. It fluctuate over the course of the day as a direct consequence of another medical condition or substance intoxication………….  Delirium superimposed on dementia is very common and results in higher healthcare costs, and higher mortality rates………….nrs 433v week 4 topic 4