NRS 433V Week 3 Topic 3, Research Critique Part 1 – Caregiver Burden


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NRS 433V Week 3 Topic 3 Benchmark Assignment, Research Critique Part 1, Qualitative Study – Caregiver Burden of Hospice Patients

Hospice caregivers experience an abnormally high rate of stress, both emotionally and physically.  They are home, caring for their loved one and often become more of a nurse than a family member.  They are having to do things that they never thought they would do- lifting, giving medications, changing diapers and giving baths.  “Implementing cognitive-behavioral therapies based on identified caregiver thinking patterns will allow hospice social workers to empower caregivers to cope more effectively with the numerous stressors they encounter while caring for a dying loved one……………nrs 433v week 3 topic 3