NRS 433V Week 5 Assignment, PICOT Statement – Pneumonia


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NRS 433V Week 5 Topic 5 Assignment, PICOT Statement – Postoperative Pneumonia

Postoperative pneumonia continues to create a burden in the healthcare systems. This issue often leads to the increase in morbidity, length of hospital stays, and costs. According to Wren (2010), postoperative pneumonia is the third most common complication among surgical patients. This is the third most common infectious complication after urinary tract and wound infections. Despite the availability of effective antibiotics, published research indicates that mortality rates associated with hospital-acquired pneumonia due to gram-negative infection are between 25% and 50%. The overall prognosis for patients experiencing postoperative pneumonia is poor, due in part to comorbidities. According to the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, a facility that performed 10,000 non-cardiac operations per year would … have about 150 cases of postoperative pneumonia………………Continued
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