NRS 433V Week 5 Topic 5, PICOT Statement – Nursing Burnout


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NRS 433V Week 5 Topic 5 Assignment, PICOT Statement – Nursing Burnout and Compassion Fatigue

The culture of a healthcare organization is a decisive influence in how its frontline workforce concerns itself with compassion fatigue and burnout. Compassion fatigue can result in a workforce that is ineffective t meeting productivity or patient satisfaction standards, further straining a financially overburdened healthcare system .

The PICOT question is a well-designed clinical question with all the elements that will lead to finding relevant research literature. That will help the clinician’s decision-making for their evidence based practice. PICOT is an acronym in which each letter refers to each part of the question.

P – Patient Population or problem

I – Intervention or issue of interest

C – Comparison intervention or issue of interest

O – Outcome(s)

T – Timeframe it takes for the intervention to achieve the outcome(s)nrs 433v week 5 topic 5