NRS 429V Week 3 Benchmark Assignment, Heritage Assessment 2


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NRS 429V Week 3 Benchmark Assignment, Heritage Assessment – BiRacial, Caucasian, Haiti

NRS 429V Week 3 Assignment: Health Maintenance refers to the prevention of illness and functioning at the highest level possible in health. Health Maintenance is obtained through providing education at three different levels. These levels are primary level which focuses on prevention. The secondary level focuses on minimizing any co-morbidities with a disease diagnosis through early detection. The third level tertiary focuses on maintaining or restoring function after an injury. I interviewed and had 3 families complete the Heritage Assessment for this paper. The first family was a Bi-Racial family who lives in a small rural community. The second family lives in a small suburban community and is Caucasian. The third person I interviewed was from Haiti and lives in a more suburban community……………….nrs 429v week 3